How to Connect your Website with Google Search Console in Word Press?

Google Search Console
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If you have word press blog or website then it is easy to connect your website with Google search console and you can submit your sitemap easily. You can add Yoast plugin. Yoast SEO is a Word Press plug-in that assists optimize our website, blog posts and pages for search engines. Not only that, it also helps in getting our blog content indexed in Google and other search engine. For that, we need to connect our website with Google search console.

1. Go to your Word Press account and under the dashboard, click on “Add New” under Plugins and search for Yoast SEO. Install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin.

Google Search Console

2. After Installation & Activation, Yoast SEO plugin will become visible in the left side.

Yoast SEO plugin Visible

3. Go to General and then click on Webmaster Tools.

All Tech Facts Webmaster Tool

4. Open a new tab and type in Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

5. Click on the first option which will redirect you to search.google.com

Search Console

6. Click on Start Now

7. Paste the URL of your website here and add it as your property.

Add Property

8. Verify the ownership by scrolling down to get the option for HTML tag.

All Tech Facts

9. Click on HTML tag and copy the code just between the “” (apostrophes).

All Tech Facts

10. Go to Dashboard under General Tab and paste the code.

All Tech Facts

10. Now, click on done.

All Tech Facts

11. Click on Go To Property.

All Tech Facts

12. Now go to Google Search Console, click on Sitemaps

All Tech Facts

13. Now enter sitemap.xml here and press submit

All Tech Facts

14. It will show you a successfully submitted sitemap notification.

All Tech Facts

16. It is successfully processed. Google will crawl your website in 3 or 4 days

All Tech Facts

Now your website has been add in Google search console with XML sitemap.

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