How to get organic views on YouTube? Step-by-step guide

how to get organic views on youtube
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There’s no doubt that the use of video in marketing has increased in recent years. People spend a combined daily average of one billion hours watching videos on YouTube, making it a strong contender for brand promotion.


YouTube, sometimes called the “second-largest search engine” in the world, can let people find your content fast and generate interaction if you know a few strategies and have a firm grasp on the foundations of developing creative videos.

how to get more views on youtube video

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Easy Way: How to get organic views on YouTube?

If you are thinking about how to increase youtube video views or how to increase subscribers? Here are the most effective ways shown below

1. Make good content

This is the best way, in my opinion, to increase your YouTube popularity.

Create useful content. As a general rule, I always give this as my best advice. You can find all sorts of shady and dishonest ways to boost your YouTube views if you look, and you don’t even have to look very hard. Even though I know you wouldn’t stoop that low, it’s crucial to me that we all start off on the same page.

2. Focus on series rather than individual videos

Playlists are used by many YouTube producers to organize their content. Explain why it is the case.

The explanation is straightforward: when you play a video that is part of a playlist, the next video in the playlist will play automatically after the current one expires. So, without any effort, a viewer can watch a number of videos that all have something in common. YouTube is pleased by this because it increases the site’s ad revenue. It’s good news for you since it means your videos will get more attention and more people will watch them.

how to get more views on youtube video

3. Make sure your titles are brief and catchy

Use a catchy title if you are concerned about how to increase subscribers. Your click-through rate (CTR) is dependent mainly on your thumbnail and headline. A person will not watch your video if the title is boring to them.

After conducting your keyword research, the first thing you should do in order to define the content of your video is to choose a title. To improve your search engine rankings, use your target term in your title.

Above all else, though, the label must evoke a feeling with which the reader can identify and empathize, based on his or her own experience of struggle in this field.

4. Follow YouTube’s rules and regulations

YouTube has tightened its community guidelines, removing content and notifying channels that violate them. This is due to the fact that there is a growing number of young users, and businesses do not want their ads to appear next to material that could be construed as offensive.

According to a new analysis by Statista, YouTube removed tens of millions of videos for violating the site’s community guidelines in 2021.

If your videos are reported too often or found to be in violation of YouTube’s community guidelines, they will be removed from the site’s recommendation section and possibly even your entire channel.

5. Analyze the data

Data analysis plays a significant role when you are planning how to increase youtube video views.

The key to YouTube’s success is to expand on what’s working and change what isn’t. There is no shortage of metrics and data about your audience that you can glean from YouTube, all of which can be used to further tailor your content to the user’s intent.

You’ll be able to learn anything from basic demographics like the median age of your viewers to more in-depth information like how much of the video they watched to what portions of the footage bored them and caused them to leave.

All of this data may be found in the YouTube Creator Studio. See this video made by YouTubers for a rundown of all the valuable metrics and where to locate them.

6. Become conversant with YouTube SEO

Youtube is a search engine like other search engines. It uses a small number of ranking signals to order its search results. Knowing YouTube SEO and the primary ranking signals, as well as how to appeal to them, is essential for increasing views.

how to get more views on youtube video

At the outset: In order to do this, you must use keywords. Without your intended keywords, there is nothing to optimize for. One at a time once you’ve decided on a series’s worth of content, you can start searching for information on YouTube by entering your list of topics.

You’re probably aware that YouTube can provide a list of suggested search keywords. Authentic YouTubers have repeatedly looked for each of these suggestions. In other words, each of them is an excellent choice as a focus keyword.

Some keywords are more challenging to rank than others. WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool lets you gauge keyword competition. The program uses data from Google and Bing—not YouTube but it’s an excellent method to measure difficulty.

After organizing your keywords, optimize. Let’s look at the most important YouTube ranking signals.

YouTube SEO for Video titles

YouTube takes into account a number of factors, the most important of which is the video’s title when determining where to place it in the search results for a given query. There is anecdotal evidence that opening your title with your target keyword can provide a modest lift in rankings. Therefore it goes without saying that you need to include the phrase you want to rank for in the title of your video.

how to get more views on youtube video

YouTube SEO for Video description

The video’s description is the second component you should enhance. Your description is not as crucial as your title, but it still helps when it comes to organizing search results. Put your keyword of choice in there at least once!

Keyword targeting is different from keyword stuffing. Even while you should use your keyword and show how your content is relevant to YouTube, you shouldn’t overuse either to the detriment of your writing.

YouTube SEO for Video Tags

I’ll wrap up by discussing video tags as the final attribute before going on to our fourth suggestion. Labels, in contrast to the title and description, are not displayed to viewers on YouTube (except for those who use a particular Chrome extension, such as video). While tagging your videos isn’t essential, it’s highly recommended because it’s a simple and risk-free strategy to increase your video’s visibility in YouTube’s search results.

Final words

Creating value for viewers should always come first. Does unique, high-quality content guarantee monthly views? No, more measures are needed to succeed. Without valuable material, nothing we’ve discussed matters today.

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