How Zoom Application Benefited From Covid-19

Zoom Application
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The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the world and businesses have been trodden. With markets going down, some businesses have used this opportunity and are reaping profits. The first in this list is the Zoom app. Zoom provides quality video conferencing services for various purposes. Resonating with the work from home scenario, the zoom has become the most preferred video conferencing platform of the year.

How to Download Zoom?

Video conferencing is at Zoon, You can join meeting here take video calls here easily. You can manually Download Zoom software and Google play application.

The Secret Behind the Success

The reason for so much liking and preference is because it is highly reliable and hosts a user-friendly platform. The number of users has rapidly increased over the past six months. From 10 million daily meetings and conferences in December 2019, an increase to 200 million daily meetings in March was reported. These numbers are in constant rise. Zoom Google play application is not only being used for meetings and online classes but also to conduct parties, weddings, and exercise sessions which makes it more preferable. It also helps IT, employees, by providing high-quality video surfacing and a maximum of a hundred participants. It has gained high popularity through quality. The quality of video and sound is not compromised even when the user has unstable connections. The active user percentage has increased by 186 percent and the download percentage has increased by 300 with the lockdown in effect.

The Market Value of Zoom

Once a name, Zoom that was barely recognized has risen to be used by most of the world’s population due to the pandemic. The market value of the company currently is 4.29 billion dollars, with an increase of 121 percent compared to last year. The company is gaining traction as a top video conferencing platform among the competition by various other companies. This is also because the company only provides video conferencing products, therefore more focused and likable product is presented. The quality is not compromised as the only focus is video conferencing services.

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