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Easy Way to Get Sponsored Blog Post: Sponsored post are the powerful and easy way to boost your website traffic and business growth. Do you know? The social media influences acquire sponsored post all the time for their businesses. But what about bloggers who hate social media? If you’re that blogger, can you make money with sponsored post in your blog by yourself?

The answer is, yes, yes you can!

Permit me to share my story. I run a blog on content marketing and online revenue. Sideways from my blog, the only other online presence I have is on Pinterest, which isn’t strictly a social media stage. As for Instagram, I have an account there, with less than a thousand followers and negligible interaction; nothing to write home about.

Seeing my lack of a social media attendance, I thought I couldn’t get companies to sponsor post on my blog. And yet, when I took a chance and pitched a company, I directly scored a pretty awesome sponsorship deal.

What’s a sponsored post?

Sponsored post (promoted post), is a post to any community-driven notification-oriented website which is openly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company in order to draw a large amount of popularity finished user promotion and restraint to the most active or most viewed page on the website.

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As well as when a company pays a one-time as particular amount or fee to a blogger to write a blog post about them or their product(s) or services, that blog post is called a sponsored post.

How to submit a sponsored post?

There are lots of guest blogging sites and premium websites who have their own prices. You have to pay some particular amount and you can submit your sponsored post easily.

How to write a sponsored blog post?

If you’re a popular blogger and want to partner with companies to write sponsored posts, let me show you how to write a powerful sponsored blog post?

Considerate Why Companies Want to Sponsored Post

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Companies very well knows that why they seek out associates and sponsorship partners. So, if you’re a voice of motive and expert in your field and you have an audience, then companies will want to work with you.

In other words, if person X trusts person Y, and person Y recommends a product or service to person X, then person X is more probable to invest in that product or service.

To enhance the their own business, companies wants to submit sponsored post or premium guest blog by which they get instant website traffic which is suitable and enough for company’s growth.

Do companies still work with bloggers?

Yes! Definitely companies still working with the popular bloggers. They submit guest post with bloggers and pay for it.

If you need stimulus, take a look at some of following guest blog:

The fundamentals for landing a sponsored post

Some companies won’t pay you unless there’s something for them to gain. Preferably, they have a lot to gain if your audience is also their audience.Appreciate that companies mostly partner with content creators for brand exposure/awareness and sales. If you have an audience that is a possible buyer/user of a partnering company’s products, then that company will likely want to work with you.

How to Find Companies to Work With

There are 4 ways to find a potential sponsorship deal:

  • A company may spread out to you.
    A company that you’re already an associate for may ask you to write for us paid a blog post highlighting their product or a new feature for a one-time payment on top of whatever affiliate commissions you might earn finished your affiliate links.
  • You can join some influencer networks.
  • You can straight pitch a sponsored blog post to a company.

When a company influences out to you:

In my experience, these are frequently a hit or a miss. Sometimes companies totally unrelated to your niche will reach out and ask me to insert a link to their products in exchange for a payment.

Do you know? That a blogger is only as good as her reputation. It’s better to be picky about who you promote and recommend, than giving in to anybody who’d pay a pretty penny for a link-insert.

When a current affiliate makes an offer:

These are great! For example, that sponsored post with Canva I stated earlier? You see, I was previously an associate for Canva when that deal came about.

Canva is a company that I do not mind promoting over and over again to my booklovers. By the time Canva offered a paid post on my blog, I was already making a dressed income from promoting the app on my blog posts, online courses, newsletters, etc.

Directly field a company you want to work with:

Let’s say that you love a product and eager to write about them, and preferably, make a good chunk of money in the process. Consider pitching a sponsored post.

Here’s how pitching works:

Do your due research. Find out who to pitch to. You can pitch the company CEO directly if it’s a smaller company. If it’s a larger company, see if you can find the email of the person in charge of marketing. Pitching is a lot of work. The art of headfirst lies in waiting patiently for someone to reply with interest. Which, unless you’re a blogger with upwards of a hundred thousand visitors per month, is going to be complicated.

You can join influence setups:

I don’t have individual experience with this, but I know other bloggers who have scored sponsored blog posts using this method. Essentially, you can join some influencer networks where companies will occasionally post sponsored content opportunities. You can smear for that slot if you discovery an outstanding chance that seems a good fit for your blog and spectators.

What is the Price of a Sponsored Post?

Decently, there’s no way to express. The value of a sponsored post be contingent on a diversity of factors. A few examples would be:

  • Is the company more absorbed in their brand consciousness or selling product?
  • If it’s the latter, how probable are you to refer potential customers to the product?
  • Are you an expert figure in your niche?
  • How long have you had your blog for?
  • How many monthly companies do you get to your site?
  • Will you only write for us guest blog post, or will you create accompanying social media posts, YouTube videos, etc.?
  • How long will it take you to write the post and create extra material?

As you can see, figuring out a price is rather unwieldy. Luckily, often companies will say how much they’re willing to pay for a sponsored post. In that scenario, you have to decide whether what they’re offering is worth it to you.
If you’re a new blogger and you have your a slighter audience, it won’t hurt to accept cheap sponsored post to improvement some experience and build up a portfolio of sponsored posts.

If, though, the choice to determine the pricing falls on you, then things get a bit more intricate. If you’re just starting out, then it may be useful to figure out an hourly rate for yourself that is acceptable to you. When you’ve gained more experience, and you feel confident, you can start to increase the price.

How much does a guest blog cost?

You can submit a sponsored post or submit guest blog – there’s no characteristic amount. You can easily find someone willing to charge $50 for a published guest post – and on the other hand, someone else who charges in additional of $300 to publish guest post.

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All Tech Facts bring for you an outstanding offer where you can submit your guest blog just at $9 that $50. It is a wonderful offer and a change to enhance your website traffic and business. So if you are looking premium guest blogging services then submit your blog post with All Tech Facts.

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