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Welcome to the 2021! Mobile has become that quintessential part of our life, that even a day without it can set us back from the race of the world. The whole world is connected through mobiles and everyday new technology is being invented and promoted to keep with technological race. One company introduces a new trend and another company overtakes them by introducing a more efficient version of the same technology. Likewise, 2021 is seeing abundant new technology that has set the limits higher. Already 2021 is the year that is seeing facing a fall in the business market due to covid19 and lockdown session, thus paving the platform innovations.

The List is Endless

5G has come to use, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning have become the buzzword, virtual reality is becoming real on a massive scale, Blockchain Technology in wide existence and much more. Let’s throw lights on a few mobile trends that are becoming the topic of talk in 2021.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

One of the hot topic and the latest mobile trend in 2021 is Artificial intelligence, has had a big impact on the business market than our daily lives. It has reduced the human effort in managing complex data and has given some rest to our brain cells. It is used to develop apps, learning platforms, and analyzing techniques that can analyze data in different permutations and combinations.

The Next-Generation Network – 5G

Yes, finally 5G is widely being implemented across the globe. 5G Technology with high expectations is sure to slash latency and increase the efficiency of the internet.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is one of type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It makes a history of any digital asset unalterable and transparent by the use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing. This technology has made data easily accessible with all the alterations transparent.

Adding to these is much more including the internet of things, mobile apps, virtual reality, etc. which are sure to hit the floor in the year.

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