How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?
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The most ask-able question by the people that How to Become an Ethical Hacker? Hackers are not bad all time. Sometimes they are boon for us. The word ‘hacker’ initially defined an accomplished programmer proficient in machine code and computer operating systems. Today, a ‘hacker’ is a person who reliably engages in hacking activities, and has accepted hacking as a lifestyle and philosophy of their choice. Hacking is the practice of adjusting the features of a system, to achieve a complicated objective.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Let’s get to it then..Ethical hacking is the practice of breaking into computer systems to test its security without malicious intentions. It is practiced by security professionals and security enthusiasts. It tests for holes or weaknesses in computer security measures, as done by hackers that have malicious intentions.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

The term ethical hacking was first used around the mid 2000s. A hacker named Geohot developed PwnageTool; it allowed people to flash (change) the firmware (the software program that programs the hard drive) of their iPhone. He added a feature called Jailbreak which allowed for the iPhone to be rooted and run on other operating system and this was very difficult. This led to Apple to create an update to their mobile operating system which allowed the iPhone to only run on devices created by them or that were jailbroken which they call iTunes update.

Since then, Apple have started implementing other security measures such as sand boxing to strengthen their security. Hackers for hire have then started to test the security measures implemented by Apple and other companies to make sure it works. They may be able to find vulnerabilities and exploit this to gain access to computers. They have different types of hacking; black hat hacking, white hat hacking and grey hat hacking

Types of ethical hackers

Now that we have a grasp on the basic characteristics of an ethical hacker we can look at the most commonly reported types of hackers.

Hire a Educated hacker

In this type of hack the hacker is not able to follow or learn from a proper ethical hacking curriculum. Companies can hire a hacker online. Such hacking could include social engineering, penetration testing on a personal computer and website hosting. These types of hacks are fairly easy to do as compared to “certified” hackers and can be done for as much cash as you want or are willing to.

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Reinforcement hackers

In this instance the hacks serve the purpose of educating, informing and improving the “hacking skills” of an ethical hacker or organization.

There are so many reasons for this kind of hacker and that is just the tip of the ice-berg for what such hacks are and can do. Some of those reasons include:

  • Increasing the hacker’s experience
  • Increasing the information of the organizations being hacked
  • Gaining the trust of the corporation hacking into
  • Hacking for business

Ethical hacking can solve a variety of issues. Hacking can be used for good and for evil, though. The problem to tackle would be to determine what is good and what is considered unlawful as it can be very hard. One way is to decide yourself what is good and evil. Another is to analyze the issue and draw conclusions. For example, if hacking is about the government monitoring its citizens, then it can become a tool for the government to take the power for itself.

The best place to start to answer these questions is to take the time to learn about the ethical hacking career. It will also be worth your while to ask professional people to get valuable advice.

How to find Ethical Hacker near me and how to get the most from the web?

If you have not yet used to your web browser, you will get an opportunity to learn a new skill. These days there are plenty of opportunities to learn about IT security online, it can be really helpful to know the basic tools and you should know how to use these.

In order to keep the website safe, you need to protect against hackers who try to access the website, or a system file, like the operating system registry, or some of the executable files, or if a hacker exploits the website to access to a database, for example. For that reason, the best option to protect the website, or some system file, is the antivirus software, but this post I will also talk a little bit about the best way to protect your website and some other tips.

In this post we will talk about: · Best Way to Protect Web Servers · Best Way to Protect WordPress Websites · Best Way to Protect Your Linux Web Servers · Best Site Protection for Shared Hosting · Best Way to Protect your WordPress Site from Brute Force Attacks · Best Way to Protect your WordPress Site from SQL Injection · Best Way to Protect Your WordPress Website from Br

There are a lot of people that are interested in knowing that how we can become ethical hackers. So we will show a few simple steps to become an ethical hacker and a part-time white-hat hacker. It’s not rocket science since it’s really simple to do it, all you need is to follow some simple steps.

How to become an ethical hacker? – Easy Steps

Do you want to know that How to become an ethical hacker? It’s simple, you will have to prepare yourself. You need to make a clear goal for yourself. It’s essential to know what you want to become. This way you will know what you will do and you will focus your time and effort better. So here is the list for you, you can make up a list.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

To give you a simple example, if you can do computer science you will become a full-time hacker with big money and a lot of people will come to you and ask for all of your services. But make sure that you want to get something extra from the things of being an ethical hacker.

1. Read on Ethical Hacking

A hacker must abide by some ethical principles, so you need to learn about hacking and ethical hacking. It’s the first step to becoming an ethical hacker. You need to avoid hacking things that’s why it is good to learn about the basics of ethical hacking, you need to be informed about what ethical is hacking. So you will be able to prevent yourself from doing something illegal.

The first thing, you need to do is you will write down all of the things that you know, to be honest. Do you know what ethical principles are? They are ethical principles are the rules hackers will abide to do hacking. Read on ethical hacking and you will be able to see clearly. Once you are clear regarding ethical hacking, it’s time to learn about your tools.

2. Understand the Scope of Ethical Hacking

It is better that you read ethical hacking. Once you read it, you will understand it properly and it will give you lots of practical ideas. You will learn a lot about ethical hacking by reading it but at the end of the day, your knowledge is worthless unless you do something practical to it. When you are getting acquainted with ethical hacking, it will give you a clear idea

3. Ethical Hacker Salary

Do you know? What is an Ethical Hacker making? The salary and career progression opportunities of an Ethical Hacker are much the same to the Information Security Analyst. The salary is higher on average for an ethical hacker. The average salary is above £32.000£ per annum depending on geographical location (UK).

The below chart is an example of the typical progression of an Ethical Hacker. I can only find the UK and US but the below is the kind of progressions I am talking about. The salary is typically higher than that of an analyst.
The below shows the typical progression over time. You do the training up to the next “stage”, then after you are qualified you have to prove yourself as you continue to progress in your career.

You can easily make £50.000£ per annum after training as an ethical hacker and the above shows the typical pay progression. The progression is typically the same as a Certified Ethical Hacker but with higher requirements for the next stage. There is some data that shows a lower than average pay progression. Here is one from a major government (who should know everything about ethical hackers and Information Security).

4. Ethical Hacker Course

Ethical Hacker: Introduction to Ethical Hacking is a course on ethical hacking and penetration testing. A real life ethical hacking course that combines theoretical and practical hacking techniques on various aspects like reverse engineering, exploitation, social engineering, and vulnerability assessment.

The course teaches the learner how to take what they learn on the internet and apply them in real world hacking attempts.This course aims to build the capacity and competency of all technical staff in an organization to protect their business interest.

The course teaches the learner the following skills to defend IT assets and keep your organization’s information safe and secure:-

  • Ethical hacking – Identify, exploit and defend against threats
  • Reverse Engineering- Analyze software using debugging techniques
  • Exploitation- Using exploit techniques to discover information and steal data
  • Social engineering- Social engineering and the psychology behind it to get what you want
  • Vulnerability assessment- Vulnerability is the weakness in a system that can be used to compromise that system
  • Penetration testing- Penetrate an organizations network to test the security of the system
  • Network security- Analyze the vulnerabilities in a network using vulnerability assessment tools
  • Security management- A security manager uses the tools and procedures that are available in their organization to monitor, detect, prevent, and respond.

How to find certified ethical hacker for hire?

For the last several years many people have heard about ethical hacking, however, quite often they don’t know what it really is or what it can do for their business. I will talk about both of those points:

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

What an ethical hacker can do for you. You can hire hacker  What a professional ethical hacker can do for your business is a different article altogether, however, since I want to focus specifically about the ways ethical hackers can help your business.

How much do ethical hackers get paid for their work?

Ethical hackers can cost as much as $70 an hour, which works out to about $25,000 a month. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about how an ethical hacker could help your business, but first the basic things that most people consider ethical hacking to be: that the hacker hacks websites or networks, and that he does so for a number of reasons such as, curiosity, testing or simply finding out more about the business which was the target of the hack.

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