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7 Hidden Apps Installed on iPhones Most People Didn’t Know

Hidden Apps Installed on iPhones
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Do you know there are some hidden apps installed on your iPhone..??

If you are a new user of an iPhone or own one already, fair chances are you didn’t know about the hidden apps on iPhones. Apple doesn’t advertise these apps but some explorers find these hidden applications and share them with the rest of the people. You don’t have the need to install anything on your iOS device…As they are already there but hidden!

Hidden Apps Installed on iPhones

In today’s era of technology, there are many secret iOS hack tips to make the iPhones interesting, which people do not know. To engage people’s interest, there are some hidden apps already added by Apple on the iPhones that most people are not aware of. So, In this blog, We have covered those hidden apps installed on iPhones that you will be amazed to know.

Let’s dive in to know the apps with excitement…!!!

Table of Contents

Hidden Apps Installed on iPhone Most People Didn’t Know

Print Center

iPhone has a very advanced feature of printing with the use of AirPrint technology and all this can be done with the Print Center app. You can’t open this app directly, rather you have to print something to have access to this application. You can open this app through App Switcher if printing is in the middle.

Select “Print” from the share sheet on a document or any printable file to find the print center. Choose your print settings and click Print.

When the printer starts its work, Open App Switcher and you’ll notice the print center. Open it and you will see the list of queued print works in the application. Tap each print task and you will see the details about all the tasks. When all the print tasks finish, now an option “No Documents Waiting” will be there.

Note: The iPhone and printer must be connected to the same wireless network.

Field Test

The FTM app, generally known as the Field Test app is one of the most hidden applications of iPhones due to its more technicality. If you are a technical person, chances are more for you to know about the app.

You can see the data about your cellular network by using this app. You can check various things about the network like:

  • Your data service provider
  • Cellular service status
  • Band information

The Field Test app allows you to figure out the strength of the signal in numbers. To use this mode, you have to turn off WiFi in the settings. Now, open the phone app and follow the given number sequence *3001#12345#*

Then press the call button where you can see the Field Test dashboard. You can notice the cellular band you are connected with and the signal strength etc. You can do this easily by following the given instructions.


The Safari browser provides you with a hidden app for diagnosis….Surely you didn’t know this…!!!

Yes, that app is called Diagnostics. This helps you to read the diagnostics data to troubleshoot any issue with your iPhone.

To use this app, just you need to go to the Safari browser and enter diags:// or diagnostics:// in the URL bar and continue ahead. Your device will ask you to open the Diagnostics app. Then just tap the open button.

There is one more way to open the Diagnostics app. Just power down your phone and connect it to the power supply. Then hold both the volume buttons down until it displays the apple logo button. Suddenly after that Diagnostics will open where you can start the process.

This can help you to diagnose the issues but not pretty much without the ticket number generated by the Apple Support team. So, probably you will never come across this app, but still, it’s good to know everything about the device you are using.


Apple’s accessibility feature just got the promotion and now it’s called Magnifier. This app helps to turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass. You can make things bigger or smaller as per Zooming needs. It also allows you to take quick pictures of that. It also enables you to set the brightness as per need.

Hidden Apps Installed on iPhones

You can open the Magnifier using the accessibility shortcut or the Control Center button. Same as the Code Scanner app, front the control center button. Click Settings, Then Control Center, and then click Magnifier. Then swipe down from the right top of your phone to open the control center. You can adjust the zoom level from the slider button and also you can get more controls like a shutter button, flashlight, brightness adjustment, colors, filters, etc.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then this app is a must to try and use.

QR Code Scanner

Surely you have used any code scanner app or the camera itself to scan something from the iPhone, but have you ever tried this default scanner for iPhone..???

So, iPhone has its tool for scanning called “Code Scanner” and the URLs get automatically opened using an in-app browser. Sometimes it can redirect you to Safari or any other third-party app depending on the QR code to be scanned. But mostly the links get open in the Code scanner app itself.

Just go to Settings then tap Control Center, Scroll below to find Code Scanner, and hit the button to add it to the Control Center area. When you want to use the app, just pull down the top right of your device to access the Control Center and then tap on Code Scanner which will display you the camera-like feature showing Find a Code to Scan.

You can even instruct Siri to open the Code Scanner for you or can find it via search from the Home screen.

Use any of the ways to have a Code Scanner and use it simply to scan codes in one go.

Feedback Assistant

Another good-to-be-known hidden app on iPhone is Feedback Assistant. The app is not for any daily routine usage but still, the user should know about it.

It helps you to deliver feedback for Apple. The main point to be noticed here is that it only works for public or iOS’ developer betas. That means if you have never installed an iOS public beta update then you can’t use this app directly from App Library.

But in this case, what you can do is, just wait for Apple’s official software updates and install the public betas.

Otherwise, To open the Feedback Assistant, just go to the Safari app and enter applefeedback:// in the URL section and click go. Then you will be asked to open the app. And if you need it, you can open it.

It may need your Apple ID to log in and use the app. Then manage your feedback section as per your wish to improve any services of Apple. You cannot use this app from Siri, App Library, Search bar, or Home Screen. If you are good at finding errors or bugs, then try this application for sure.


Want to gauge the size of real-world objects with the default iPhone app without any effort….Then this not-so-hidden app is for you. The Measure app is based on the Augmented Reality (AR) technique to measure the objects around you and a person’s height easily. But where will you get it on your iPhone?

Hidden Apps Installed on iPhones

On iOS 14, this app may not be visible directly on your device. You can access the app from the App Library which you can get by swiping left on the Home Screen. You will find the Measure app in the ‘Utilities’ section on the screen of the App Library. Just open the folder and get the app. The second way is to get the Measure app in App Library by searching it in the search box.  If you are using iOS12 or iOS13, then you can get this app directly on the Home Screen.

After taking measurements of an object, you can see the measurements displayed on the screen. You can save these measurements for later use.


That’s all for this blog!

So, these all are some hidden apps provided on the iPhones that help you to make use of your iPhone easily and more efficiently.

I hope you find these hidden iPhone tricks and apps’ secrets useful. Feel free to share them with your iPhone user friends.

If you have any other in mind, then surely drop your idea here. We would love to hear from you!

Effective Information is Always Welcome!

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