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5G Technology
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Is Reliance Jio really wants to launch 5G services in India?

Reliance Jio is preparing to launch fifth generation, or 5G Technology, telecom services within five months of spectrum allocation, which means the Mukesh Ambani-owned telecom could well launch the services in 2020 in India.

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In the fast pacing world, every field requires a faster alternative. A fast moving bike is preferred over a slow one. The latest fast mobile is the hot trending topic in the market. Even in a home washing machine replaced hand washing, grinders replaced our ancient mortar and pestle as they were faster and reduced hard work. The existing gadgets and electronic items are constantly replaced by a faster and efficient alternative. Likewise, 3G was replaced by 4G and now 4G is facing the challenge of replacement by 5G a powerful network.

Glimpse About 5G Technology

The 5g network is the next-generation wireless network that promises to deliver higher performance compared to the current 4G network. With a 5G network, a high-quality movie can be downloaded within a few seconds that usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes using a 4G network.

With 5G coming into use the time consumed for wireless communications will reduce drastically and increase the speed of communication in the world by a few folds. The leap to 5g will be a revolution in the business market as it will revolutionize the whole aspect of wireless communication. The working of 5g is different from that of 4G LTE.

The Requirements for 5G Services

To provide the same geographic coverage as 4G for 5G, a high number of small range transmitters have to be set up across cities and towns. Added to this a mobile phone either android or iOS compatible with a 5G network is required. Though it has benefits like faster network, decreased latency period, and high efficiency, the 5G Technology too, has some downsides.

It is argued that 5G could make it easier for law enforcement and others to track a person’s whereabouts with pinpoint precision as their phone connects to multiple cells. It also provokes concerns about its potential to greatly improve facial-recognition software. Despite these theories, 5G is sure to create a revolution in the upcoming decade.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has already optional spectrum in the 3300 Mhz – 3600 Mhz range for the rollout of 5G services in the India and recommended a base price for auctioning the band.

Jio 5g Network Launch Date In India

One day, we will have 5 G Technology in India. Many are waiting to see this event. What does this mean for us? It means that mobile communication in India and other 5g network countries will go from being an expensive affair to a cheap one. This means cheap telephony services and messaging services. When will 5G Technology arrive in India?

Well, this is something that is not very far away in India. 5G technology is the subsequently generation for mobile transportation. As a matter of fact, nearly all of us know that there have been 1 G, 2G, and 3G networks before 4G which are using now for mobile network access.The difference between this new 5G network and the old one is that it has higher bandwidth. It also has higher latency, which is equivalent to what you get from dial up. But the difference is that you can use this connection even when you are traveling on air or on water.

This is because the latency is low. In the coming time, 5G technology will be introduced in different cities of India and you will be able to enjoy faster Internet connectivity along with less packet loss. Small cells and metropolitan coverage will be added in the future when the availability of 5G technology increases. Currently, in the field of telecommunication, it is mostly lagging behind other countries such as China and UK. They are still lagging behind and they are trying hard to catch up with the developing countries like emerging Asian economies.

Moreover, the recent developments are seen in the use of VoIP service providers. Many service providers in the United Kingdom have already switched over to 5G technologies. It can offer us better voice quality and the latency remains almost zero. So, it’s not wrong to say that there is nothing to worry about if you are using 5G technology.
However, there is one thing we should remember that the deployment of 5G technology in India involves a lot of technicalities and heavy laying-out.

And if you want to have a smooth running network, the professionals involved in the process should also consider a lot of factors before they start working. Thus, proper planning should be done to avoid unnecessary delays in the network. One of the best ways to do a proper planning is by consulting a professional who has an in depth knowledge about the subject.

How 5G Technology Is Benefiting The Mobile Market?

5 G Technology in India has created its niche in the highly competitive Indian market. This has come at a time when the demand for a better and greener environment is increasing. The government too is taking initiatives to make the environment a global standard. With rapid industrialization, developed countries like the United States and China are reducing their carbon footprint. This has resulted in an increased environmental awareness all over the world.

It has become quite evident that Indians of every strata of society are deeply concerned about the environment. The government has taken positive initiatives to save the environment by conserving energy, conserving water and land. A major part of the population has been involved in some way or the other. Thus, the government is proactively promoting the use of alternate sources of energy and hence encouraging the use of 5-G Technology in India. The various initiatives taken by the Government are encouraging the use of alternate sources of energy, which can reduce the strain on the environment.

The government is also supporting various researches being conducted by the various Research institutes in India. The various 5G services providers too are taking great initiatives to use the latest technologies and emerging technologies like the Fiber optics, Ethernet and VoIP. India has emerged as one of the top players in the field of telecommunication with its expanding network and technology base. The major providers like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communications are investing heavily in this sector.

With the increasing number of users of mobile phones in India, the telecom market in the country has grown tremendously. This has increased the competition among the service providers, leading to stiff competition and the introduction of various schemes and tariff plans. Many players have entered the market, offering different types of services at different price-ranges. Thus, choosing an appropriate service provider becomes extremely important for customers who want to avail the best services at affordable prices.

One of the prime factors that have helped Indian telecom companies emerge as leaders in the field of 5G technology is the liberalization policy of the Indian government. The telecom sector in India was closed for several years due to heavy investments in the form of licenses by different players. However, the government relaxed the norms and opened up the market for further telecom investments.

This led to the opening up of the market for new players and a surge in the growth of the market. Now, almost every service provider including leading players such as Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communications is offering attractive offers for customers who want to avail advanced services at affordable prices. The prime focus of the leading players in the field of 5G technology is to offer best services to customers at affordable prices.

There has been rapid improvement in the infrastructure and technology available in the mobile market. The leading players in the field of telecommunication are using the latest communication technology to market their services. Moreover, there is a lot of research going on in the field of 5G technology to bring even more improvements in the near future.

The wireless technology has the capacity to deliver services to the users in the most efficient manner. It provides faster and better connections to users and it also offers them a larger spectrum. It has led to the development of numerous cell phone brands, which compete with each other in terms of features and quality of services offered. Users have a huge choice to choose from the plethora of handsets available in the market. All these developments are being facilitated by the leading players in the field of telecom.

The leading players in the market such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Idea Cellular, Vodafone, Tata Indicom, Virgin mobile, T-mobile, Idea and Samsung are all working towards providing cost-effective and quality services to the customers in the cheapest possible way. These companies have made their presence felt in the market, and they are aggressively competing with each other to win over the customers.

The competition in the market is really tough between these telecom giants, and every company wants to emerge as the best in the field. The users have a very good opportunity to choose their service provider based on the quality and reliability offered by the service provider.

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